Misti is a spirited and ambitious Holistic Wellness coach. She has a passion for empowering others

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Healthy Sweets for your treats!!!

It's that Holiday again!  Where we show our special sweet hearts how much we adore them by giving treats filled with simple sugars, artificial flavors and food coloring.  Sounds yummy right? 
Now I know we don’t mean to harm our loved ones.  This idea always bothered me.  Why would I give someone that I love, a box of chocolates that are not good for them?  Well I do it because I’ve trained (dare I say brainwashed) to this for 30 plus years.

The thought process went like this…

Instead of buying a box of chocolates and battling with my guilty conscious; I could make a treat I would be proud to give to my lovelies.  We should be spoiling our loved ones with delicious healthy treats.  Filled with nutritious yet scrumptious ingredients.   I promise this can be fun and healthy without the sugar level drop!

Let's compare nutrition facts here.  This is what I could find on the internet.  A box of See's candies has …
Misti is a spirited and ambitious Holistic Wellness coach.  She has a passion for empowering others to create balance with holistic healing through nutrition and fitness. Specializing in holistic nutrition and overall wellness she is sympathetic and supportive to those wanting to improve their health.  In the power of transformation through nutrition and fitness, Misti believes you can find balance by changing your lifestyle habits.  She will strive to help you learn the physical and emotional causes to craving.  This passion to help others with nutrition and exercise can heal comes from her personal experience.   Misti is here to be a co-creator to others conquer goals to achieve a new healthy and balanced self. Read about healthy recipe ideas, healthy holiday options, and workout tips.  These sites are full of motivating and realistic tips to stay focused on fitness goals.  Stay in touch with Misti